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Tofo Mozambique Accommodation - TOFO AND TOFINO BEACH. About 17 km east of Inhambane is where Bar Babalaza marks the crossroads to Tofo and Barra. Tofo is a small beach town, with a hotel, Bed and Breakfast accommodation and other accommodation which include mostly private self catering house's, a lovely open beach, nice reefs for fishing and snorkeling, spazas, beach bars and dive schools, where you can slow down your pace of life, do nothing, relax and just leave your footprints.

Tofo is a coastal town in southeastern Mozambique

. It's known for the curved Tofo Beach and nearby coral reefs. Huge manta rays circle at Manta Reef, a well-known “cleaning station,” attracting small fish that feed off the rays’ parasites and other debris. Dolphins, whale sharks and migratory humpback whales also swim off the coast, in the waters of the Indian Ocean. To the north are the resorts of Barra Beach.

Tofino, less than a kilometre south, is situated on a more exposed and rocky headland and the waves at

Tofino are known for very good surfing

. The headland is also a favourite spot for fishermen when a high tide covers the shelf, allowing casting for the plentiful kingfish into the deep waters beyond.

Tofino is also the site of the Frelimo Monument to Fallen Heroes, near to where unfortunate victims of the colonial period were thrown into a sea cave, to be drowned by the rising tide. A spectacular blow hole near the tip of the point can give a raw display of power, when there is a large swell running.

BEACHES - The shores of Inhambane are blessed with numerous world-class beaches. Many are palm-fringed, with wide expanses of powdery, white sand, washed by the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Featuring broad bays, sheltered lagoons, rocky headlands and wide deserted expanses, they are a sunbathers’ dream, created for relaxation. Some of the best-known are in close proximity to the city of Inhambane.

There is a bus service regularly from Tofo to Inhambane. There are banks in the city centre, with BIM having a cash machine for Visa cards and BCI a Bureau de Change. The Post Office is at the end of Avenida de lndependência, the street that starts at the jetty.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS - In case of emergency, contact... Tofo Police Station (00258) 842-387724 Chief of Tofo Police (00258) 823-524710

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available in Tofo include Self Catering Cottages, Houses, Bungalows, Self Catering Chalet, Holiday Resort, Accommodation for Groups, DB&B Options as well as camping is available.

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